Field of Glory II Wolves at the Gate-PLAZA

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Play your part in the epic events unfolding during this era, including the conquest of the Lydian Empire (in western Asia Minor) by the expanding Achaemenid Persian Empire, the Persian Wars, in which the Greeks of mainland Greece defeated two Persian invasions, the subsequent wars between the victorious Greek city states, the development of a new military system by Philip II of Macedon, his conquest of Greece, the invasion and conquest of the Persian Empire by his son Alexander the Great, and his campaigns beyond Persia into India.

Experience the wars between Alexander’s generals (the Diadochi) after Alexander’s early death, while Rome was expanding from a single city to controlling most of Italy by 280 BC, and in Sicily Carthage fought a series of wars against Syracuse and the other Sicilian Greek cities for control of the island.

Command either side in any of these conflicts, or explore what-if scenarios – such as what Alexander might have done next if he had not died so young – would he have been able to conquer Carthage and Rome?

This Release Includes:
• Field of Glory II (main game)
• Field of Glory II: Rise of Persia (DLC)
• Field of Glory II: Age of Belisarius (DLC)
• Field of Glory II: Immortal Fire (DLC)
• Field of Glory II: Legions Triumphant (DLC)
• Field of Glory II: Wolves at the Gate (DLC)