mafiakill text based game own the streets!

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Play online text based game You can choose about 3 characters that you can play.

As a criminal you need steal money and cars do bad thinks but take care the police can take you to jail!

As a police men you need take criminals to the prison, try to keep the streets free from bad people!

As a scientist you can create projects and sell them for good prices, You can make easy and fast money.

And ther are alot off options that you can play with all characters, like own the casions in a state.

Here some options: Own a coke factory hire runners and sell coke.

Own a bullet factory own a energy factory schooting range, find whores and let them work for you and earn money from them. and many more check it by your self

Also we give prices during the round! in each round ther are events when you can earn money! and also when round is ending we give prices to the winners!

Ther always others events, where you can win prices.

Also mafiakill is always busy with new options, to make the game better, you can always help.

Sent you ideas and they will check it and maby they will add it to the game!


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