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Build a Habit of Meditation
The gameplay of Playne is designed to help and assist you build a daily habit of meditation. Your daily meditations grow and transform the game world. Progress through a skills tree and unlock effects like fireflies and powers that control the weather and time.

Helping You Take Care of Your Mind & Well-Being
Meditation & Mindfulness: Playne has innovative meditation techniques as well as guided audio meditations, all of which has roots in effective traditional methods of meditation.

Mindful Journaling: An innovative tool that encourages you to write freely and openly, to encounter a quiet mind and resolve emotions and feelings.

Breath Exercises: Learn a range of breathing techniques that help to calm the mind and achieve clarity in times of stress.
Meditate in Customisable Ambiances that Immerse you in Nature
Immerse yourself in nature, combine and choose the weather and time to create unique combinations of ambiences. Choose from a range of sceneries with it’s own unique sound ambiances. Sit next to the campfire, or sit near the shore to hear the waves lapping against the rocks.

Three Game Modes
Story Mode: Progress and discover with fox the story of Playne. Experience immersive meditation sceneries.

Sandbox Mode: Create your own unique meditation spaces in Playne by growing trees, grass and flowers by meditating.

Evolve Mode: End-game unlock transports you to an immense 25 km² open-world Island. Explore & create your forests by meditating.

Experience the Benefits of Meditation
On a practical level, meditation is an effective tool to help improve mental well-being by helping us to reduce stress and experience deep calm & relaxation. The full list of scientific research on meditation & mindfulness can be found here.

Meditation can also be a powerful way to better understand the parts that create our reality: our thoughts, perceptions, sensations and feelings. With this wisdom, we can live a more mindful life.
Meditate and Plant a Living, Breathing Tree
Build a habit of Meditation, unlock evolve mode and plant an actual, living, breathing tree in California.