Total War WARHAMMER II MULTi8-ElAmigos

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1. Extract
2. Burn or mount the .iso
3. Run setup.exe and install
4. Enjoy & Play

Release Notes:
ElAmigos release, game is already cracked after installation (crack by Paradox). Updated to version 1.9.2 (23.07.2020).

DLC list: The Warden & The Paunch, Imrik, The Shadow & The Blade, Repanse de Lyonesse, The Hunter & The Beast, Gor-Rok, The Prophet & The Warlock, Tiktaq’to, Curse of the Vampire Coast, Lokhir Fellheart, The Queen & The Crone, Bone Giant, Alith Anar, Steps of Isha, Tretch Craventail, 30th Anniversary Regiments, Rise of the Tomb Kings, Mortal Empires, Norsca, Krell, Grey Wizard, Jade Wizard, Isabella von Carstein, Bretonnia, Realm of The Wood Elves, Grombrindal The White Dwarf, Wurrzag, The King and the Warlord, The Grim and the Grave, Call of the Beastmen, Blood for the Blood God II, Chaos Warriors Race Pack (+ few more, 50 DLC total).

Installation time with 4 threads CPU and SSD – 5 minutes. Installation language = game language.